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Hi! I'm Sebastiaan Dirks

A web developer and software engineer. A creative thinker.

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Hello! My name is Sebastiaan Dirks. I am a 21-year-old student and software-engineer in The Netherlands. I have been interested in everything related to computer hardware and software ever since I was a kid. My first working piece of code: a Minecraft server plugin.

I continued making Minecraft plugins until mid. 2017 while working for NLGameMinecraft. I moved on to the 'FIFA' community and started my own website where people could design their own 'Ultimate Team' cards.

Fast forward to this day, and I've worked with multiple different languages and tools, created various websites/applications, and built and managed a physical "homelab".


I've worked with...

C#, JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, CSS/SCSS, PHP, Java, SQL, Vue.js, React, Node.js, .NET Core, Angular, jQuery, LitElement, Git, Docker, Proxmox, Figma

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